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Cut It !

I do no longer maintain this application and am looking for a successor. If you want to work on it and release new versions, please contact me.

"Cut It !" is a freeware tool to help you break a big image into smaller ones. What's handy with it is that you define your small images (I call them "cuts") once and save this configuration in a .cutit file. This way whenever you make a change to the big image, you just have to double click on the .cutit file and click the cutter button to update your cuts.
It can be extremely usefull when it comes to create themes. (For instance, you'll notice that the sample in the zip and in the screenshot is used in IceSphere PB2 default theme :)

"Cut It !" is licensed under the Gnu Public License.

NOTE : If you can't find the "vcl40.bpl" file on your system, download it and uncompress it in your Windows folder (IceSphere users, just take the one in c:\ice\bin, it should be ok)

Reviewed by j.ello