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Hum... big lack of news... The reason for this is that I switched from Windows to Linux, so I won't do Windows development anymore. As I won't work on "Cut It !" anymore, I'm looking for a maintainer. If someone is interested in maintaining it, please mail me so that I can post your mail and web address on this page.

"Cut It !" has been reviewed by j.ello, thanks !

For those of you who tried "Cut It !" and experimented problems with a missing "vcl40.bpl" file, you can download it from here. Just uncompress it in your Windows folder and you're ready.

The little utility I talked about before is out, it's called "Cut It !". You can get it here.

I drop a line to let you know I'm working on a little utility which automates image cutting from a big image. It should be available soon.

Welcome on this site. Here, you will find my old LiteSTEP work, some IceSphere stuff and maybe a few other things. For the moment, the major "attraction" is IceWinFunctions. Grab more info on it by clicking here.